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I love what I do because I love working with people. Born and raised in Philly, I've enjoyed building a successful business and raising my family in this area. For the past 18 years, my diverse career background has lent itself perfectly to life as a full time Realtor. With top notch customer service a priority, I'm dedicated to my clients and to their buying or selling goals, working to help them through the many functions of a real estate sale. Being affiliated with a world class company provides the very best tools and services in the industry to assist with the many details from start to finish. Experience, good communication, and really listening to my client's goals and needs all play a vital role to their successful outcome.  And that successful outcome is MY goal!  I'd welcome working with you too! 

I've purchased two properties and sold one with Lynn as my agent, and viewed many properties over the last two years with Lynn. She always gave sound advice and was never over-zealous in order to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. If Lynn was skeptical or had concerns, she let me know.   And when something was good, she let me know that too. I trust her assessment of the quality of a property and the current state of the market. She never made me feel second to another client, always available to talk by phone or in person if necessary. I highly recommend Lynn.